Evergreen Slate Introduces the Centennial System

Evergreen Slate has introduced a slate roofing system that re-thinks installation standards. Instead of the traditional nailing or hooking method, The Centennial System uses factory applied hook and loop strips on the front and back of the slate tiles for installation. The installer simply places the slate on top of the underlying slate for coverage. Instead of a traditional triple lapped slate roof, Centennial produces a single lap to help reduce weight for further options on projects. MSlate.rocks


Slate roofers don’t trust new. They believe in the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” With the market share of slate decreasing year after year, it’s time to consider if it is indeed, “broke”.


  • No penetration: reduces slate waste and breakage by eliminating the need for holes
  • Less roof weight – single headlap instead of triple
  • Fewer # of laborers needed to install
  • 5 to 10x faster installation

Millennium is launching this product with market-leading hook and loop fasteners from Velcro. The individual slate tiles are applied to a roofing substrate covered with hook fasteners. This launch underlayment is InsulBase RL™ by Carlisle Construction Materials. Millennium has domestic and international patents pending.

Millennium has wind-tunnel tested this system at 160mph with no damage. Environmental testing down to -40F and up to 250F means this system will be appropriate in all climates. Since no nails are used, hundreds or roof penetrations per square of roofing are avoided. Millennium’s system weighs about 4.5 pounds per square foot vs. 9 pounds for traditional slate. Installation speeds of 5x to 10x or more vs. traditional slate have been demonstrated. While Millennium is very pleased with environmental and wind testing, offerings from other hook and loop manufacturers are being evaluated which could result in increased performance and lower costs.

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