Long lasting beauty and superior durability are just two of the many benefits of choosing natural slate.

Get the Facts

There is a lot of misinformation about natural slate roofing. Some of the most common misconceptions are that natural slate is unavailable, too heavy, and too expensive.
Myth: Natural slate is unavailable or difficult to order.
Fact: In the United States, there are thousands of squares of inventory readily available and many others carry a short lead time.
Myth: Natural slate is too heavy for your roof.
Fact: Modern hook systems are available to reduce the weight of slate roofing, making slate roofing materials compatible with most roof types.
Myth: Natural slate is too expensive when compared to fake alternatives.
Fact: The price of natural slate is competitive with plastic imitation slate shingles. When correctly installed, natural slate roofing can last 100 years – making a natural slate roof a superior investment in your property.

Environmental Impact

In 2019, consumers are increasingly aware of how their purchasing decisions impact the environment. At WhySlate we love that slate is a natural product, and we encourage you to learn more about how slate and synthetic slate products are produced. Virginia Slate Company created a slide presentation outlining the benefits of natural slate and comparing it to the potential environmental impact of synthetic slate production.